The thoughts, speech, and, actions of an individual are proportional to the creative intelligence in their brain and nervous system. The American Philosopher, Historian, and Psychologist William James believed that society is made up of individuals whose consciousness forms an underlying, influencing, and structuring effect on the collective behavior. The collective consciousness posited by James though never proven, at face value has merit. The images of America portrayed on the nightly news are deeply troubling. If collective consciousness as James postulated is correct, there is ample evidence that the collective consciousness of the American society needs to be elevated to effect a significant behavioral change in America’s collective consciousness.  Hundreds of scientific studies at renowned institutions and universities have documented the unique psycho-physiological benefits of the practice of Meditation.

During meditation, the mind settles down to experience the subtle region of the subconscious.  With continued practice, the mind transcends the least excited state of the mind into the field of pure creative intelligence. This is the field of the authentic spiritual Self and the home of all of the laws of nature. During meditation the experience of pure consciousness infuses creative intelligence into the mind, elevating the platform of thought, speech, and action. The January 6th Capital insurrection was, in my view, a clear display of the spiritual darkness and myopia of America’s unenlightened collective consciousness. Against this backdrop of chaos, this article introduces the notion of enlightenment; the extra-ordinary neuro-physiological state cultured through the practice of Meditation. Americans need enlightenment to live synchronously with the organizing intelligence of creation. Enlightenment will ensure right thought, right speech, and right action.

In the western world, the word “enlightenment” is associated with the European intellectual movement of the 17th and 18th centuries. The movement emphasized reason and individualism; rather than tradition. In the East, enlightenment has been identified with mysticism, the reclusive or renunciant way of life. However, during the 20th century, the ancient tradition of the East converged with the modern science of the West to radically change the definition and connotation of the word “enlightenment”.  In 1970 Dr. Keith Wallace’s doctoral dissertation was entitled “The Physiological Effects of Transcendental Meditation” his research found that meditation produces a unique biochemical and physiologic state equivalent to the fourth state of consciousness; transcendental consciousness!  These findings were, in part, responsible for thrusting enlightenment away from mysticism and making it a scientifically verifiable reality. The word Enlightenment in the 21st century is understood from a physiological perspective to mean an extraordinary neurophysiological state characterized by maximum orderliness, and perfect correlation among all aspects of physiological functioning.

There is no reason to continue to decry the negative behaviors of the bedarkened when enlightenment is innate to human physiology. Consequently, every human should possess the knowledge of how to develop the full potential of their nervous system. “Man is made in the image of God”, means that man’s physiology is designed to maintain God-consciousness. God-consciousness corresponds to an extraordinary neurophysiological state achievable through meditation. When the physiology has been optimized the 3rd and 4th states of consciousness (waking and transcendental consciousness) co-exist. A meditation course involves the thought process, the meditator is taught how to engage the natural tendency of the mind. Ordinarily, people are engaged in the horizontal, surface level of thinking; meditation involves vertical thinking; the march of the mind toward its own nature. Vertical thinking allows the mind to settle down letting and owing to the mind-body coordination when the mind settles down, the body also settles down and gains a state of rest shown to be equivalent to deep sleep.

Meditation is a two-phase process; in the first phase, the mind dives inward into deeper regions of the subconscious which causes the release of stress. In the second phase of meditation, the mind dives beyond the realm of subjective awareness into the mental abyss of absolute pure consciousness. The repeated experience of unbounded consciousness is the mechanism for retraining and reorganizing the entire neuro-physiological structures within the Brain. The repeated experience of pure consciousness in the unified field transforms and strengthens dendrites, cell bodies, axons, neuronal connectivity, and association fibers of the cerebral cortex. This reorganization optimizes the physiologic structures, enabling the brain to develop a state of permanent awareness of the unified field outside of meditation.

Once the nervous system has been reorganized to maintain permanent awareness of the Unified field during activity, the totality of life is lived! The total range of life includes both, the manifest and the unmanifest, the changing and the non-changing, the physical and the spiritual aspect of existence! Meditation structures the awareness of the non-changing, eternal; spiritual aspect of life. When an individual’s consciousness is permanently established in the unified field, individual life is transformed into a cosmic status where life is spontaneously organized by the divine intelligence which administered the creation.

Enlightenment is physiologically based, and hence; the birthright of everyone. The Spiritual goal of the 21st century should be enlightenment to raise the platform of thought, speech, and action.


Dr. Yisrael is on YouTube and Instagram: Dr. Y’shua Yisrael. BABA. He offers individualized instructions in a Self-Reflection-Technique (SRT), interested parties should leave their contact information in the space provided.

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