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Failure to Spread Spain Nursing Home Success Against COVID

  It is a shame that in this age of great communication systems, we failed to prevent the deaths of millions, from the now dreaded Corona Virus.  Now the American death toll exceeds seven hundred thousand.

Now when one shows fever, or tests positive for COVID, they are told to go home, without telling them how two nursing homes in Toledo, Spain successfully licked the terrible enemy.

At the beginning of the COVID attack on humanity, two nursing homes in Toledo, Spain, were infected with COVID in March and April of 2020. It quickly claimed three lives in each place.

“In these two Spanish nursing homes, they had 84 patients. The mean age of the patients was 85. Almost half of the patients were over the age of 80. Almost all of them had serious comorbidities, such as kidney disease or diabetes. And again: None of them died or even ended up hospitalized due to the treatments administered by the nursing homes.”  “This was a full nine months before the so-called “vaccines” were developed.”

 After the six deaths, “Here’s what The Spanish doctors at those nursing homes did.”

“At the first sign of sniffles, they prescribed antihistamines, specifically cetirizine 10mg or loratadine 10mg. Those probably don’t sound familiar to most people, but I bet you’ll recognize their brand names: Zyrtec and Claritin. You can buy the generic versions of those for as little as $6 over the counter at Walmart, no prescription necessary.”

“The rest of the treatment at early onset included 500mg doses of azithromycin (a cheap and common respiratory antibiotic also known as Z-Pac), Tylenol for pain or fever, and nasal washing and gargling with sodium bicarbonate water (baking soda and water). If you buy the generic brands, then the total cost for all of those items is a little under $30. The Z-Pac is the most expensive item because it requires a prescription.”

“That was all that was required for about 75% of the patients in those two nursing homes. In the 25% where symptoms worsened, they added an asthma inhaler dosed with mepifilin, a two-week course of the antibiotic levofloxacin (brand name: Levaquin). In the most extreme cases in which patients developed trouble breathing, they gave them a couple of shots of prednisone every day until their breathing returned to normal.”

“Staffers working, in close proximity to the sick COVID patients, were given Claritin or Zyrtec as a prophylactic.”

“All of our patients evolved satisfactorily and were recovered at the beginning of June. No adverse effects were recorded in any patient, and no one required hospital admission. At the end of June, 100% of the residents and almost half of the workers had positive serology for COVID-19, most of them with past infection.”

“Every patient lived and now has natural immunity to COVID. The only treatment that 75% of them received was cheap allergy medicine, a Z-Pac prescription, Tylenol, and a baking-soda-and-water gargle.”

All quotes came from (https://www.americanliberyemail.com) and (ttps://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7833340/#!po=34.9057

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