A Collaboration: Enigmatic Mahogany  and Mother wit Aka Mama Oladeji

Enigmatic Mahogany


My eyes haven’t seen
Yet He’s always on the scene
It’s not just by happenstance
No matter the circumstance
He took the chance
When I think of all He’s done I go into a trance
I am the woman at the well
I’m not ashamed to tell
Many times I did fail
Yet it is because of the nail
My tears fell
For He saw the best in me
No matter the sin to him I could flee
Forgiveness He did decree
It is because of Him I came to be
He is my advocate
He did not let me suffocate
Never too late
For me, He did wait
Made in His image
He is my linkage
He is my source
With Him, I am an unstoppable force
No need to search
He’s not just in the church
His presence surpasses
Favor and grace will outlast any mistakes of my past
He is the core of who I am
From the inside out
He is intertwined in my DNA
The good, the bad…come what may
When You Sit Back
And Realize There Is No Lack
Because God Has Your Back
You Glow Differently
Everywhere I’ve been
Everywhere I am
Everywhere I’m going
That’s where my God is at!

Mama Oladeji

Mama Oladej:

I know where  God is At
I face what most be ducking;
I escape what most be stuck in.
I roar, while they be clucking.!
I stand, no crawling;
Marching forward, no stalling.
Speaking of it, teaching, no preaching.
I grab it, no reaching;Serving it raw, no preservatives;
Aint giving Caesar nothing at all.
All the glory goes to “The All”,
God, is my staff and my rod.
He is my pillar and my rock,
He removes the obstacle’s that block,
keeps my mind open;And my vulnerable parts blocked.
He opens my heart when needed,
or keeps it protected under lock.
What I lack he’s got my back, for me,
he’s always up to bat.
I am standing on his foundation,
I see premonitions with my internal eye;
Sometimes I sit and cry…Yet, I face the future with bravery;
I carry the DNA of slavery,
from which he did deliver me.
I have a built-in sensory, to repel the unsavory.
Thick with wit, never dense.
Always thankful for my God-given sense.
No boasting, just facts…
Behind this English preposition…
“I know where my God is at”.Barz for God!!

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